St John Photo Contest

St John Photo Contest

FIrst Place Winner….Michael Polley


Bacon Blog from the girls in cabin 3

Everyone was feeling exhausted this morning but were instantly rejuvenated at the sight of bacon for breakfast!
After another delicious breakfast, our punctual taxi driver “Hamilton” took us to the Annaberg sugar mill ruins. The ruins were an impressive sight. Most of the old wind mill is still intact as well as the rooms they distilled rum in.
From there we hiked to Watermelon Cay for a beautiful snorkel. Some of the breathtaking creatures we saw included sea turtles, a manta rays, nurse sharks and colorful fish.
After our snorkel, Hamilton took us to Cinnamon Bay for a shower that lasted longer than 3 minutes!!!! Smelling good and looking snazzy, we went to Cruz Bay to shop. Everyone split up into groups for an excursion that lasted four hours. By 5pm, everyone had stories to tell.
A character that everyone seemed to enjoy was Thomas who imparted our group with wise words and delicious coconut water straight from the coconut (which he hacked with a machete).
Tonight in camp it is quiet. Everyone is relaxing and preparing for tomorrows adventure.

Shout outs…….
Hi mom, thanks for paying for this trip, Love Ashley C
Hi mom and dad, I’m having a great time and love and miss you….Ashley P.
Hi mom and dad…I miss home and even Biagio a little bit. I’m having a blast though…and love you. Jessica


Thomas was born and raised in the USVI. He owns and operates a Smoothie stand in downtown Cruz Bay. He greets every customer with a big smile whether it’s first thing in the morning or end of day. Several of our students had the good fortune to spend some time in conversation with him today.

Thomas has a son in the Navy studying engineering and a daughter at Cornel majoring in Forensic Science. A third daughter attends a local private school and in fact came in when classes let out for the afternoon.
Thomas recognizes the value of an education and came out from behind the counter to sit with our students. A wiser man we have not met this week. He said “You can lead or you can labor”…He told a story about a litter of six puppies in a box and one puppy climbed out much to his litter mates dismay…the moral of the story according to Thomas is, it’s fine to be a puppy outside the box.