Ram’s Head and Lameshur Bay

We did a two mile hike this morning up to Ram’s Head and enjoyed views of Tortola BVI and St. Croix USVI. Our guides as always are amazing and this mornings guide was Cindy from of all places, Londonderry NH! This afternoon we snorkeled, kayaked and took a tour of the mangroves and actually hit the microscopes in the VIERS lab. Dr. Stake delivered a lecture late this afternoon on the geologic and geographic history of St. John, followed by a great presentation on coral reef systems throughout the globe.
One of our students turned 21 today….the celebration included singing and cupcakes. In honor of Chelsea’s birthday, she and her cabin mates will be our guest bloggers this evening…..don’t go away!

Today was Chelsea’s 21st birthday. We may or may not have forgotten, being slightly delusional at getting up so early. However, we celebrated the day in ocean blue and later on with cupcakes. We hiked Ram’s Head trail in very hot temps. While there we sampled some triangle fruit from cacti along the trail. We took breaks to look at the view of the British Virgin Islands as well as numerous shore lines. WE had leisure time to swim and snorkel in Salt Bay and Lameshur Bay.
Personal shout outs:
Hi Dad…love Bones
Hi Chelseas mom…don’t know you very well but you seem well put together. Thanks for making Chelsea pack all that she did.
Hi Mom, thanks for the birthday cards! In addition, thankyou for teaching me to properly apply sunscreen….Love Chelsea
Hey Mom…hope you are staying warm…Love Sarah

PS: we have named our blog entry…”Dock Talk” because last evening we all hiked down to
the dock and watched shooting stars across the evening sky.
Peace out everyone
Chelsea, Sarah, Cassandra and Danielle (Bones) AKA Cabin 2


6 thoughts on “Ram’s Head and Lameshur Bay

  1. Happy birthday Chelsea !!!! It sounds like u guys r having a great time. Love the blogs . Looking forward to my next text ….. Hint hint love u bones

  2. Thanks so much for posting! It’s been great to follow the trip. Best line of the day: “We all hiked down to the dock and watched shooting stars across the evening sky.” Fantastic!

  3. I’m so excited to read your posts! I know exactly where you are. I LOVE St. John! My family took our latest trip there this past December, and I’m living vicariously through you. What a thrill! I still have the Coral Bay weather report on my phone….Let me guess…Today will be bright, sunny, and with a high of about 82? Enjoy yourselves, learn a lot, and keep us close!

  4. Hello everyone, it has been great to follow your trip and your first-hand experience of the St. John ecosytem. Thanks to Dr. Stake and Dr. Meehan for launching Rivier’s first global experience through the Office of Global Engagment. Travel well as you ‘transform the world.’
    Sister Paula Marie

  5. Agreeing with Mark on the best line of the day. I was right there on that dock watching the stars! Sounds like you’re all having a great time, and your blog is keeping us warm back here on campus. Enjoy the experience!

  6. Hi Chelsea. Happy 21st Birthday! What an awesome way to spend your birthday. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I can’t wait to see all of your pics. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures. Here is a shout out to ladies of Cabin Two. Enjoy!
    Love Mom

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